Kindergarten English Test 1 Daily Life, Seasons, Animals

Kindergarten students can practice their English with these 10 questions. These are great to work on daily life, seasons and animals.

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Kindergarten English Test 1 Daily life, seasons, animals

Kindergarten English Test 1 Daily life, Seasons, Animals

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What's the weather like in the summer?

hot sun

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What do we wear on our feet?


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What do we use to brush our teeth?


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What season has cold weather and snow?

cold and snowy

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What do we use to write with?


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What sound does a cat make?

cat meow

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What is the largest land animal?


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What animal says "moo"?


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What animal lives in the water?


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What animal has stripes and lives in the jungle?


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You can also download this test as a PDF, completely FREE. There are 10 questions on one piece of paper and each question has an image.

You can also view this test as a video. This fun, interactive quiz is perfect for kindergarten students or preschoolers. There are 10 questions, each with English audio, colorful images and answers.

Kindergarten English Test 1

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