Kindergarten English Test 1 Numbers, Shapes, Colors

Here are 10 fun questions, each with an image, to help kindergarten students practice numbers, shapes and colors.

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numbers, colors, shapes

Kindergarten English Test 1 Number, Colors, Shapes

Choose the best answer.

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How many fingers do you have on one hand?

fingers on one hand

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What number comes after 4?


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How many legs does a cat have?

cat legs

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Count the objects:

How many birds are there?

3 birds on a branch

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What number comes before 10?


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What color is a banana?


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What shape is a clock?


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What color is grass?

green grass

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What shape is a TV?

rectangle TV

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What color is the sky?

blue sky

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You can download this test as a PDF too. It’s completely FREE. There are 10 questions on one sheet of paper and each question has an image.

You can also watch the video of this test. There is English audio, images for each question and answers.

Kindy English Test 1 Numbers, Shapes, Colors

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