O-Net Practice Test 1 for Reading

O-Net English Test 1 – Reading

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O-Net Practice English Test 1 - Reading

Instructions: Read the following passages and answer the questions.

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The Beach

The beach is a fun place to visit. People go there to swim, build sandcastles, and relax in the sun. The sand is soft, and the water is clear and blue. Some people like to play beach volleyball, while others prefer to read a book under an umbrella. It's a great place to spend a sunny day with friends and family.

What do people do at the beach?

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2. How would you describe the sand at the beach?

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3. What colour is the water at the beach?

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4. What activity is mentioned in the passage?

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5. Who can you spend a sunny day with at the beach?

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Tom's Birthday Party

Tom is having a birthday party at his house. He invited all his friends. The party will be on Saturday afternoon. Tom's mom will bake a big chocolate cake. They will also have balloons and games to play. Tom's dad will be the DJ and play music for everyone to dance. Tom is very excited!

Who is having a birthday party?

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7. When will the party take place?

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8. What will Tom's mom bake for the party?

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9. Who will play music at the party?

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10. How does Tom feel about the party?

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You can download this test as a PDF for free. There are 10 questions on 2 pages. Students must read the passage and then answer the questions. This O-Net English test is great for students to learn English and to practice reading comprehension.

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